Calvo’s SelectCare is proud to offer you a combination of wellness initiatives and
health management programs to assist you in achieving your wellness goals.
Diabetes Education
Program focus is on preventing the costly complications associated with poorly controlled diabetes. Emphasis is placed on preventing diabetes and related complications such as, progression of nerve damage, amputation risk, blindness, kidney failure, renal dialysis, heart attacks, and strokes.
Weight Management
Members are taught how to make healthy food choices, the importance of a physically active lifestyle and other weight loss tips. The Weight Management Program is available to eligible overweight and obese individuals who would like to reduce their risk of negative health consequences associated with overweight and obesity.
7– Day Detox Program
Seven days of meals to shrink fat cells and eliminate waste products by enhancing the body’s natural cleansing systems. Topics include how to increase daily physical activities, healthy serving sizes, My PlateTM, food label reading, psychosocial issues involved in weight loss, and stress management.
Seven Day Shape -Up Program
This program is designed to boost the body’s metabolism, reduce hunger and cravings and improve vital organ function. Other healthy lifestyle habits are also emphasized including, sufficient water intake, consistent exercise, proper rest, and stress reduction. The program also provides a nutritionally balanced diet specifically designed to improve weight loss. The daily meals are consumer-tested for taste and reviewed for nutritional value.
Comprehensive Lifestyle Intervention Program (NEWSTART)
Program designed with a holistic approach to successfully regain health and wellness that will last a lifetime. Program examines the primary health-related causes of death, elucidates the lifestyle factors leading to morbidity and mortality, and educates regarding the nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and other proven methods for preventing and/or reversing chronic diseases.
Stop - Smoking Program
This is a five-day, step-by-step program to change daily habits and achieve your goal to quit smoking. This program utilizes a whole person approach to break the addiction of nicotine and the smoking habit. The five-day plan works to break your smoking routine and eliminate cigarette cravings by addressing the nutritional, physical, and social constructs of addiction. The program teaches on alternative activities to overcome issues of relapsing and remaining smoke-free.